Golden Visa in Spain


Golden Visa in Spain allows you and your family to reside in spain. Options: Purchasing a property, bank deposits in spanish entities.
golden visa in spain
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Golden visa in spain – Options to invest and reside in Spain

The main options that our law firm works so that you and your family can live in Spain through an investment are:

Purchase of Spanish Public Debt € 2,000,000.00 

Bank Deposits in Spanish Financial Entities € 1,000,000.00

Purchase of Real Estate in Spain Greater than € 500.000,00.

These are other options to invest in Spain:

-Shares or Shares in Spanish Capital Companies € 1,000,000.00

-Closed-end investment funds or venture capital funds incorporated in Spain € 1,000,000.00

-Business Project to be developed in Spain of general interest and that meets at least one of the following conditions:
1 Creation of jobs.
2 Making an investment with a relevant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which the activity it will be carried out.
3 Relevant contribution to scientific and / or technological innovation

Reasons to live and invest in Spain

Beaches, landscapes, monuments, enviable weather, exquisite gastronomy. that´s why Spain is a perfect place to live.
In 2015, 65 million tourists chose to come to Spain for a few days of vacation. Only two countries surpassed us: France and the United States.

People from Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Egypt, United States, Iran, Canada, Australia are increases day by day interested in the advantages of the gold visa in Spain.

Statistics of residence permits granted to investors or Golden Visa in Spain

The total grant of golden visa and residence permits by nationality are: China 8,287 – Russia 6,185 – Ukraine 1,011 – Egypt 642 – Iran 618 -USA 609 -Venezuela 588 – Other Countries: 6,594.

Legal Assistance and Advice for Foreign Investors. Golden Visa and Residence Permit in Spain

The Service Consists:

-Representation of the investor in Spain
-Administrative Procedures in Spain
-Legal Assistance and Advising on Foreign Affairs for Investors
-Representation for request and follow-up of the business plan and feasibility study
-Administrative and Judicial Resources
Once you have contracted the service and provided the contact details we will write or call you to begin to manage the process

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Lino García Lawyer. Specialist in Legal Assistance and Advice for Foreign Investors – Golden Visa in Spain

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16 comentarios en “Golden Visa in Spain”

  1. Good morning, we are family of 6 and we want to know if we buy a propertie in Barcelona of $500.000we all can obtain the residencies of Spain ,and how long that will take.
    Thank you

    1. thank you for writing, the purchase of a property greater than 50000eur enables the holder and his family to reside in Spain, the regulations do not limit the number of family members but it´s important that they are direct relatives in the first degree of inbreeding. For example: husband or unmarried partner / Minor or older children who are financially dependent on the property holder / Parents of the applicant who depend on the holder.
      Best Regards

    1. Hi Mr.Reinaldo. Thanks for contacting us. There are different options to invest in order to get the Residence in Spain, for example:
      -Purchase of Spanish Public Debt € 2,000,000.00
      -Bank Deposits in Spanish Financial Entities € 1,000,000.00
      -Purchase of Real Estate in Spain Greater than € 500.000,00
      Let me know your email address and I Will contact you ASAP.

  2. Buenas noches la mi nombre es Omar Sawaya actualmente vivo en los Estados Unidos y me interesa la posibilidad de invertir en España, necesito asesorías l legal ,quisiera hacer una cita vía webcam para darle más datos de la naturaleza de la inversión; aparte de tener a la familia de mi esposa en Madrid y me parece una movida estratégica que beneficia a la familia .
    Deje saber cuando podemos realizar esta cita vía webcam
    De antemano muchas gracias .
    Omar N Sawaya

    1. Buenas tardes Sr.Sawaya.
      Por ejemplo, estas son algunas de las opciones más recomendadas por nuestro bufete.
      . Mediante la compra por importe Dos millones de euros en títulos de deuda pública española.
      . Mediante depósitos por importe de un millón de euros en entidades financieras.
      . Mediante la Adquisición de bienes inmuebles por importe igual o superior a 500.000 euros.
      Estamos a su orden en horario de oficina para aclarar las dudas al respecto.Gracias por contactarnos

  3. Manuella Mikunovich

    Hello. Mr. Garcia.
    I’m interested. How can speak with you, in order to know everything about golden visa. (It’s the same that you explain in this video)
    I need to appointment.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hello Mrs. Manuella.Yes is the same that I explain in the video,but I ussually recommend the next 3 options:
      -Purchase of Spanish Public Debt € 2,000,000.00
      -Bank Deposits in Spanish Financial Entities € 1,000,000.00
      -Purchase of Real Estate in Spain Greater than € 500.000,00
      Let me know the better day and hour to make and appointment,in our evening office Schedule in Spain.
      Best regards

    1. Hello Mrs.Gloria.
      We can advise you in the better way to obtain The Residence in Spain through The Golden Visa. I see you are very interested about it. You can contract our service.


  4. franklim vallenilla

    Hello, I have a family member who is planning to move to Spain, what are the possibilities of investing in a business or company such as a restaurant or hotel?
    I am looking forward to your response

    1. Thanks for contact us Mr.Franklin. In this case it would be better to orientate the investment in real estate since €500.000.Let us know your email address and I Will contact you ASAP

    1. Hi Thanks for your interest.There are several choices to applicate for a Golden Visa for you and you family too, if is the case. Please let us know your email address, I Will contact you ASAP to give you a better explanation about it.

    1. Hi William.Thanks for your interest.There are several options to applicate for a Golden Visa Residence.Please let us know your email address,I Will contact you ASAP to give you a better explanation about it.

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