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Golden Visa in Spain allows you and your family to reside in spain. Options: Purchasing a property, bank deposits in spanish entities.
golden visa in spain
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The Golden Visa in Spain allows you and your family to reside in Spain.

The main investment options are: Purchasing a property, bank deposits in Spanish entities, purchasing Spanish Public Debt

Golden visa in Spain – Options to invest and reside in Spain

The Golden Visa in Spain is a special residence permit that allows non-European citizens to live, work and study in Spain.

The main options offered by our law firm for you and your family to live in Spain through an investment are:

  • Purchase of Spanish Public Debt € 2,000,000.00 
  • Bank Deposits in Spanish Financial Entities € 1,000,000.00
  • Purchase of Real Estate in Spain Greater than € 500.000,00.

These are other options to invest in Spain:

-Shares or Shares in Spanish Capital Companies € 1,000,000.00

-Closed-end investment funds or venture capital funds incorporated in Spain € 1,000,000.00

-Business Project to be developed in Spain of general interest and that meets at least one of the followings conditions:

-Jobs creation:

Making an investment with a relevant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which the activity it will be carried out. Relevant contribution to scientific and / or technological innovation.

We understand that investing in a foreign country can seem like an overwhelming and challenging process, but we are here to help you.

In our Firm we count with a team of trained professionals and experts in the field, who will advise you throughout the process of the investor visa for Spain.

We help you make the right investment decisions and make sure that the whole procedure to process your visa or residence permit is done correctly, so that you can realize your desire to live and work in Spain.

Golden Visa Portugal

The Portugal Golden Visa, established in 2012, is acknowledged as one of the most desirable in the world. It was set up in order to stimulate foreign investment to benefit the Portuguese economy.

Non-EU citizens may be eligible for a residency permit and eventually a passport in Portugal through investments, allowing them to travel within most European countries without difficulty, even if they don’t stay in the country.

Tax incentives for this visa include the Non-Habitual Resident Tax Regime, which ensures that pension income is taxed at 10%, with “high value-added activities” in Portugal taxed at 20%, while other types of domestic income is taxed like ordinary tax residents.

After the first 10 years of residence, income from foreign interest, dividends, rents, and property capital gains are exempt from taxation, and no inheritance or wealth tax is imposed either.

To acquire a Portugal Golden Visa, one must purchase a property, with the minimum amount needed being €400,000 for real estate in a low-density area, or €350,000 for real estate over 30 years old in an urban rehabilitation area (reduced to €280,000 if in a low-density area).

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Not to be confused with Golden Visa Portugal. Golden Visa Spain requires a higher capital investment, but the return on investment can be high given the strong investment. economy of the country.

This investment must be at least €500,000 in real estate, €2,000,000 in Spanish Government bonds, €1,000,000 in bank deposits or other forms of investment

Golden Visa in the United States

The United States has a program for issuing golden visas. This program provides a means for foreign nationals to come and live legally in the United States.

Alternatively, the EB-5 visa is the official name for the Golden Visa in the United States. To apply for this visa, individuals must present proof of a $900,000 investment.

Investors considering this visa should be aware that this visa is different from that of Spain and should be familiar with the eligibility of both countries before applying.

Reasons to live and invest in Spain

Beaches, landscapes, monuments, enviable weather, exquisite gastronomy. that´s why Spain is a perfect place to live.

In 2015,65 million tourists chose to come to Spain for vacation. Only two countries surpassed us: France and the United States.

People from Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, Venezuela, Ukraine, Egypt, United States, Iran, Canada, Australia are increases day by day interested in the advantages of the gold visa in Spain.

Visas of Opportunity in Spain

Introduce yourself with the different investment choices, demands and the procedure involved with the Spanish Golden Visa for the year 2023.

The Spanish Golden Visa (Golden Visa in Spain)

This visa grants the right to live in Spain to foreign citizens who invest in the country. It is a popular option for those who are looking to obtain a residence permit within the European Union.

The requirements for obtaining this visa are quite straightforward and the applicant must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support their stay in Spain.

The visa also provides access to free healthcare and education. It is a great way to obtain a residence permit while enjoying the benefits of a European lifestyle.

Do you want to move Spain and start afresh? A visa for investors in Spain might be the solution you and your family are looking for. The Golden Visa Spain is a unique type of residence permit which lets non-EU citizens to live, work and learn in Spain.

This visa is available to those who can make a financial contribution to the country.

Remember to read our post on «10 mistakes to avoid in the golden visa«



Lino García Lawyer. Specialist in Legal Assistance and Advice for Foreign Investors – Golden Visa in Spai

These are the Requirements for the Golden Visa in Spain

The Spanish Golden Visa offers certain conditions that must be met in order to qualify for the program. These include a certain amount of investment in Spanish government bonds or in a Spanish business, real estate or property, and the ability to prove that the applicant has sufficient financial resources. In addition, applicants must also demonstrate a good understanding of the Spanish language and culture, and must have a valid passport.

Spain’s Criteria for Obtaining a Golden Visa

The government of Spain has established certain requirements for those seeking a golden visa. To qualify, individuals must meet certain conditions. These usually involve investing in property, making an economic contribution, or creating job opportunities.

To get a golden visa, it is essential to comprehend what conditions must be satisfied to apply for and receive the authorization.

As we said before, The standards for obtaining a golden visa can vary depending on the nation in which the application is being made.

In Spain, the criteria for obtaining a gold visa may involve having evidence of financial means, a passport that is in good standing, and no record of criminal convictions.

Golden Visa in Spain Program

This particular option grants long-term residency to those who invest substantial capital in the country. It is a way to obtain entry into Spain and the European Union, with the added benefit of access to a number of other countries through the Schengen Area.

If you are desirous of having a residence and work authorization in Spain, the Golden Visa Spain is the ideal solution.

This type of authorization is attainable by foreign investors who make an investment in the land, offering a range of advantages such as the capacity to inhabit and labor in Spain, as well as admittance to the Spanish healthcare and educational structures.

What is the process to acquire a golden visa in Spain?

Acquiring a golden visa could be a great way to gain residence in another nation and take full advantage of its many benefits for you and your family.

It is essential to be familiar with the prerequisites and rules in Spain and consult with a certified lawyer to guarantee that the procedure is done properly.

How long does it take for Spain to process a golden visa?

The timeline for submitting initial and renewal applications is typically three months, however in most cases, this window extends beyond that.

Typically, it takes 20 days for the authorization of a residence permit through the special procedure.

The Impact of Brexit on Spain’s Golden Visa Program

¿Are you a UK national trying to find a way to exist and labor in Spain? Maybe the Golden Visa Spain system in the wake of the Brexit process and the official exit agreement is the ideal choice for you.

It doesn’t take much effort to apply for a Golden Visa as a non-EU citizen – the process is simple and can be completed quickly. Therefore, don’t hesitate any longer and start the application process now.

¿Do I need to pay taxes when obtaining a Golden Visa in Spain?

Foreign individuals looking to take advantage of the Golden Visa system in Spain must be aware of the tax implications that come with it. This is an important factor to consider when making a decision.

Tax Effects of the Spanish Golden Visa

Those who are from outside of Spain and stay for longer than 6 months a year are subject to taxation if they are part of the Golden Visa system.

Their primary source of economic activity is located in Spain.

In this situation, they will be viewed as tax inhabitants in Spain and their global income will be subject to taxation.

Non-residents of Spain may also choose to have a distinct tax domicile in the country.

By doing so, their tax responsibility will be lowered since they will be subject to taxation only on the revenue earned in Spain. Moreover, the rate of 24% will be applicable for the first 600,000 euros and the uppermost rate will be imposed for the remainder of the time span, which is five years.

Significance must be attributed to the 183-day rule in relation to taxation under the Golden Visa program.

It is critical to be aware of the amount of days spent in Spain annually as foreign nationals who are present for over 183 days in the country are viewed as Spanish tax residents and must pay taxes on their global income.

When it comes to the topic of the special tax residence, there are a few noteworthy considerations.

In order to be eligible, you must not have been a tax resident for the past decade, possess an employment arrangement with a Spanish company that you don’t own a majority of and the revenue from the contract must not be sourced from a permanent establishment in Spain.

The imposition of a Wealth Tax in Spain.

The deadline to make a request for this specific tax regime is 6 months after becoming registered with Social Security.

After a period of 5 years residing in Spain, you will no longer be regarded as having a special tax status, but will instead be subject to the general tax rate on all income you have earned globally.

Time Away from Spain and Citizenship

The issue of how long someone is away from Spain and their right to hold Spanish nationality is a complex one. It is important to understand the rules and regulations surrounding absences from Spain and the various related issues when it comes to obtaining, maintaining, or losing Spanish citizenship.

Foreign citizens who reside in a country can most fully integrate by obtaining their nationality of residence.

In Spain, certain criteria must be met to acquire nationality by residence. These requirements are based on various stipulations and the period of lawful and consistent residence.

An illustration of this is:

  •  According to the General Supposition, a 10 year period of residence is mandated. 
  • Refugees require only 5 years of residence. 
  • Ibero-American countries, Andorra, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal, and Sephardic nationals, however, are only required to reside for two years. 
  • The shortest period demanded is one year, applicable to: 

a.- Originating from Spain,

b. – For individuals who did not select their nationality by their own volition.

For one consecutive years, the subject has to have been legally under the guardianship or care of a Spanish citizen or institution, even if they are still in this situation at the time of the application.

c) An individual who has been married to a Spanish national for twelve months and has not had a legal or de facto split.

d) The surviving spouse of a Spanish national, if they had not legally or practically separated at the time of the partner’s death.

e) Those born outside Spain to Spanish parents or from Spanish grandparents.

Continuing with the example

If the holder of the golden visa is a Canadian, a ten year period of uninterrupted, legitimate and effective residence is obligatory. Subsequently, I will illustrate the definition of each of these elements.

Using the same example, a refugee from Canada could be eligible to apply for citizenship after five consecutive years of legal and effective residence in the country.

A person born in Spain, who is a citizen of Canada, but never received Spanish nationality.

He has the potential to acquire Spanish nationality if he is born in the country and has been residing there for at least one year with legal status.

The advantages of obtaining a golden visa in terms of entrance, departure, and unrestricted movement within Spain without having to calculate the time spent away.

From the perspective of attaining a residence permit, the investment not only brings advantages for the foreign person, but also excludes the need for them to keep track of their absences from Spain.

The general rule applied to obtaining a golden visa for Spain is that permission is granted for a foreign national to reside and live in the country.

He has the right to remain in Spain and nowhere else; he must be living in the country in both spirit and in reality.

The golden visa, however, is a special authorization that does not need to abide by such regulations.

It is not taken into account how much time the non-resident has spent outside of Spain or if, while his permit was still valid, he had spent very little time in the country.

When it comes to restoring the residence permit as an investor, you can be assured that your absences from Spain will not impede the renewal of the permit.

Entries and Departures from Spain

The Golden Visa program in Spain allows individuals to enter and exit the country without having to keep track of the duration of their stay, compared to the obligation of having a legal and valid residency.

It is known that those who possess a golden visa from a foreign investor are able to move in and out of Spain without the timings of their travel being logged.

Unlike other types of permits under the general regulation, this authorization provides the benefit of renewing the permit for a non-investor foreign citizen, regardless of how much time they spend in the area (6 months for temporary residence or 10 to 12 months for long-term residence).

If the general regime’s foreign national is absent for longer than the specified amount of time, their residence permit will be revoked.

The foreigner investor is not faced with a detriment since it does not take place.

We must make a distinction between residency and citizenship, as these are both official processes.

However, there are drastic distinctions between the various types of residence permits; in one situation, the official entities responsible are the Government Delegations or Subdelegations (general system).

The responsibility of granting residence permits to investors lies with the Unit of Large Companies and Strategic Collectives UGE (Special Regime).

Attaining Citizenship in Spain through a Golden Visa

It should be kept in mind that a person’s nationality is not necessarily the same thing as where they live.

Living in a certain country may lead to acquiring its nationality, but gaining nationality will not normally be due to residence, apart from instances of restoration.

Continuous, legal and effective residence is the factor that determines one’s nationality.

When an investor applies for nationality, their right to renew their residence permit regardless of absences will not be taken into consideration. Therefore, this privilege is not beneficial.

The civil code’s article 22.3 serves as the basis for the phrase «legal, continuous and immediately prior to the request».

To sum up, if you are an investor looking to obtain citizenship, it is essential to put in the same amount of effort as non-nationals to maintain a steady presence – even if it doesn’t affect your residence permit. This will be beneficial for the citizenship by residence process.

Achievement of Spanish Residency in Madrid through a Golden Visa

The Spanish capital city of Madrid is a destination for those seeking a Golden visa, therefore.

Investors looking to apply for a golden visa in Spain may choose Madrid as their destination, being the capital and a major city

People who are interested in investing often turn to the Golden visa option. Cities such as

Golden Visa Spain Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Spain and a favorite for foreign investors seeking to obtain a Golden Visa.

Spain’s city of Barcelona is a top choice for foreign investors looking to obtain the Golden Visa, but there are also other cities in the country that are attractive too.

The following are the provinces in Spain:

  • A Coruña,
  • Álava,
  • Albacete,
  • Alicante,
  • Almeria,
  • Asturias,
  • Ávila,
  • Badajoz,
  • Balearic Islands,
  • Barcelona,
  • Burgos,
  • Caceres,
  • Cadiz,
  • Cantabria,
  • Castellon,
  • Ciudad Real,
  • Cordoba,
  • Cuenca,
  • Girona,
  • Granada,
  • Guadalajara,
  • Guipuzcoa,
  • Huelva,
  • Huesca,
  • Jaen,
  • La Rioja,
  • Las Palmas,
  • Leon,
  • Lleida,
  • Lugo,
  • Malaga,
  • Murcia,
  • Navarra,
  • Orense,
  • Palencia,
  • Pontevedra,
  • Salamanca,
  • Segovia,
  • Sevilla,
  • Soria,
  • Tarragona,
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife,
  • Teruel,
  • Toledo,
  • Valencia,
  • Valladolid,
  • Vizcaya,
  • Zamora and
  • Zaragoza.

To obtain the Golden Visa, certain criteria must be fulfilled. In conclusion, the criteria of the nation you wish to apply in and selecting the correct city for the application are both essential for ensuring the success of a golden visa application. Being aware of such requirements will give investors the assurance that their submission will be accepted.

Golden Visa in Spain and its Facilitation of Work and Family

Holders of the Golden visa and their families are provided with the authorization to live and labor in Spain as a result of this particular type of residence and work permit.

A permit of this kind enables a non-citizen to live with their family abroad in exchange for a real estate or business investment.

Individuals who desire to secure a Golden visa along with their relatives.

It is essential to be mindful of meeting all of the criteria and ensuring the accuracy and legitimacy of the paperwork and specifications.

It is suggested to consult a knowledgeable Golden visa lawyer for guidance.

To get a Golden visa for you and your relatives, it is vital to be informed about the necessary criteria and stipulations.

It is advisable to consult with a reputable lawyer to help manage the paperwork and make sure that everything is in order.

Once the golden visa has been secured for you and your family members, you’ll have access to multiple advantages, including the ability to reside and work in the host country, access to healthcare and education, and many other perks.

Submitting an Application for a Spanish Golden Visa (Golden Visa in Spain)

At our Law office, we can assist you with obtaining a Golden Visa for Spain. This type of visa permits foreign investors to reside and operate in the country. The application should be made to the Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit (UGE), and the process is electronic. Good news is that we can take care of it for you! Our Law Firm assists with your process

The Investor Service provides a variety of services to assist investors in maximizing the return on their investments, in addition to the multiple investment options they have available.

  • Our services range from obtaining a Power of Attorney to Administrative Procedures,
  •  Immigration Assistance and Legal Advice for Investors,
  •  Representation with the Application and Tracking of the File, and
  •  Administrative and Judicial Appeals.

Individuals who are thinking of putting their money into an investment with the goal of obtaining a visa or residence permit ought to understand the various kinds of investments that exist.

Services are available to assist investors in overseeing their investments.

Investors can maximize their investments and maximize their returns by following this advice.

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  1. I have read your post and I have doubts about absences and nationality, why are absences not taken into account for residence but absences are taken into account for the nationality process?

    1. nacionalidad por residencia y residencia propiamente dicho son dos procesos totalmente distintos y tienen unos parámetros distintos en el cómputo de las ausencias. Para renovar la golden visa no será tomado en cuenta las ausencias de España, mientras que en el proceso de nacionalidad por residencia, las ausencias de España si que son tomadas en cuenta.

  2. Hello, my query is renewal of golden visa in Spain through the modality of investment in real estate, We have received the denial resolution, it is true that the real estate we used for the golden visa application was sold, we had planned to buy another property but the amount was lower, although we also had plans to reform it, which, was going to increase its value, we have already filed the appeal, which has been dismissed. A few days ago, we have decided to buy another property, as we only have the option of administrative litigation, do you think it possible that justice can resolve in our favor because we have also bought another property for an amount exceeding 500,000 euros?

    1. Well, I am afraid that going to an administrative dispute is not the best solution. I think they could try to make a new application as investors from the beginning.

      It is that going to the contentious-administrative route, having modified the object of the investment after the dismissal of the appeal would cause that in contentious-administrative way its claim is dismissed on the understanding that it did not meet the requirements for renewal, and the new investment, although it is also in real estate, is untimely at the time of renewal.

      As a precedent, it has, for example, the Judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid 163/2019 of 08-03-2019, which is unfavorable in cases of contribution of new documents and facts in court. Also: STSJ of Madrid 2565/2020; 6387/2019, 12050/2020.

  3. Good day, my question is about not renewing the residence permit in due time. My investor visa in Spain expires on January 20, 2023. I thought I had to renew the visa and I did not notice that the normal thing was a renewal in the CGU of the permit, has it been a long time? Will I have problems with my golden visa renewal?

  4. Hello, as expert lawyers in golden visa in Spain I need you to please answer the following question. My son was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, I am the investor and he depends on me, but I am concerned if this is going to cause any other problem for his residence in Spain. I appreciate your response as a lawyer for golden visa.

    1. I’msorry to tell you that your son is going to have problems for his residence permit renewal.It’s import to analyse your case in order to see if it’s possible to cancel the criminal record.

  5. Good morning, we are family of 6 and we want to know if we buy a propertie in Barcelona of $500.000we all can obtain the residencies of Spain ,and how long that will take.
    Thank you

    1. thank you for writing, the purchase of a property greater than 50000eur enables the holder and his family to reside in Spain, the regulations do not limit the number of family members but it´s important that they are direct relatives in the first degree of inbreeding. For example: husband or unmarried partner / Minor or older children who are financially dependent on the property holder / Parents of the applicant who depend on the holder.
      Best Regards

    1. Hi Mr.Reinaldo. Thanks for contacting us. There are different options to invest in order to get the Residence in Spain, for example:
      -Purchase of Spanish Public Debt € 2,000,000.00
      -Bank Deposits in Spanish Financial Entities € 1,000,000.00
      -Purchase of Real Estate in Spain Greater than € 500.000,00
      Let me know your email address and I Will contact you ASAP.

  6. Buenas noches la mi nombre es Omar Sawaya actualmente vivo en los Estados Unidos y me interesa la posibilidad de invertir en España, necesito asesorías l legal ,quisiera hacer una cita vía webcam para darle más datos de la naturaleza de la inversión; aparte de tener a la familia de mi esposa en Madrid y me parece una movida estratégica que beneficia a la familia .
    Deje saber cuando podemos realizar esta cita vía webcam
    De antemano muchas gracias .
    Omar N Sawaya

    1. Buenas tardes Sr.Sawaya.
      Por ejemplo, estas son algunas de las opciones más recomendadas por nuestro bufete.
      . Mediante la compra por importe Dos millones de euros en títulos de deuda pública española.
      . Mediante depósitos por importe de un millón de euros en entidades financieras.
      . Mediante la Adquisición de bienes inmuebles por importe igual o superior a 500.000 euros.
      Estamos a su orden en horario de oficina para aclarar las dudas al respecto.Gracias por contactarnos

  7. Manuella Mikunovich

    Hello. Mr. Garcia.
    I’m interested. How can speak with you, in order to know everything about golden visa. (It’s the same that you explain in this video)
    I need to appointment.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hello Mrs. Manuella.Yes is the same that I explain in the video,but I ussually recommend the next 3 options:
      -Purchase of Spanish Public Debt € 2,000,000.00
      -Bank Deposits in Spanish Financial Entities € 1,000,000.00
      -Purchase of Real Estate in Spain Greater than € 500.000,00
      Let me know the better day and hour to make and appointment,in our evening office Schedule in Spain.
      Best regards

    1. Hello Mrs.Gloria.
      We can advise you in the better way to obtain The Residence in Spain through The Golden Visa. I see you are very interested about it. You can contract our service.


  8. franklim vallenilla

    Hello, I have a family member who is planning to move to Spain, what are the possibilities of investing in a business or company such as a restaurant or hotel?
    I am looking forward to your response

    1. Thanks for contact us Mr.Franklin. In this case it would be better to orientate the investment in real estate since €500.000.Let us know your email address and I Will contact you ASAP

    1. Hi Thanks for your interest.There are several choices to applicate for a Golden Visa for you and you family too, if is the case. Please let us know your email address, I Will contact you ASAP to give you a better explanation about it.

    1. Hi William.Thanks for your interest.There are several options to applicate for a Golden Visa Residence.Please let us know your email address,I Will contact you ASAP to give you a better explanation about it.

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